Why WhatsAPP is so valuable?

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Why WhatsAPP is so valuable?

So over the last few days the tech blogs around the world have been going crazy about WhatsAPP’s acquisition price. Facebook confirmed in a press release the sale price was 16 Billion in cash and stock with early investors in the company gaining a huge ROI. I have noticed many negative comments about the price […]

Baauer Harlem Shake Viral Video The Best

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So over the past week, a song by Baauer call Harlem Shake has been causing a stir on YouTube and other video sites, the track itself was released over 10 months ago I remember finding it and thinking this has a really nice tune to it. Now further to this companies have made a whole […]

How will the Click Frenzy Australia Website go down tonight?

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Today is an interesting day in Australian retailing because we will see the first combined “online” deals day. Basically what this means is we will see a “Cyber Monday” in the Australian market. I first noticed this website a month ago when a buddy of mine in the retail space said if I have ever […]

Invisible Ad a campaign by Lynx Australia

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I love all types of advertising and this recent campaign by Lynx sets the bar, it is a great use of a unique style of advertising in a CBD setting. The Lynx ad uses the first invisible ad to treat the passers by on the street in a populated area in Sydney. This just shows […]

The Share a Coca Cola Australia campaign a fantastic Viral campaign!

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So over the past few weeks we would have all seen Coca Cola bottles flooding the stores with peoples names on them. You would go into a store and see James, John, Sarah on labels with an emphasis to share a coke then them. This was then followed up by a TVC campaign shown in […]

Flood does not stop crazy bus driver! [Viral Video]

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So I found this video before and I can see it going viral, it is pretty crazy footage! We see floods stopping traffic yet a bus driver obviously not wanting to miss his passengers decides to take on the wall of water at full ball.

eHarmony Cat Girl Video a Viral video for eHarmony!

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ok so over the last week a popular video online has been the cat girl who talks about having an account on eHarmony, basically she starts crying because she loves cats so much. The video has gone viral and has around 6 million views – Now the thing is today I notice eHarmony employees/management have […]

Viral SEO a few tips and some examples!

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Well every one knows how great it is to have a viral marketing campaign, where you make a video which instantly becomes popular or takes a few weeks/months to become popular then thousands if not millions of visitors come to your website. Lately I have been messing around with a few test viral campaigns and […]

Guy Hacks info Times Square Video Screens With only his iPhone

Posted by on Mar 15, 2011 in Viral | One Comment

This is some crazy footage of a guy hacking into Time Square video screens with his iphone and a few other gadgets, well worth a look I am sure this video will go viral –

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