Why WhatsAPP is so valuable?

Why is Whatsapp so valuable?

So over the last few days the tech blogs around the world have been going crazy about WhatsAPP’s acquisition price. Facebook confirmed in a press release the sale price was 16 Billion in cash and stock with early investors in the company gaining a huge ROI. I have noticed many negative comments about the price paid for the APP, many people say it is a crazy price to pay for an APP I agree in some ways yet in others I can see where Facebook has merit in the buy.

Now I decided to do some quick research into the APP and one of the best usage data trends I noticed was the image below (Global messaging usage data)

Why is WhatsAPP so valuable?
Source: Onvao Insights

This data shows how powerful the APP is in various markets, the user base is well over 450 million which has jumped 200 million in the last 9 months. The app is also sticky with users with over 70% use age rate on the app.

I think the key reason that Facebook made the acquisition is for market protection, they are probably worried that a competitor in a similar business could purchase the app and develop it into a social network with the room to win in on a percentage of Facebook’s user base. That been said they also have purchased the APP to increase the overall use rate of the messaging product and as Zukerberg states “Connect the world”

The only concerns from an investment point are the following:
1. The only revenue the business has is the $1 per use use fee.
2. The users of the app are very anti- ads, the founders claimed they do not want ads on the product.
3. What happens if another competitor comes up in the market at the same pace? Will Facebook be forced to make yet another multi-billion acquisition.
4. Overall I think the price page was defiantly on the high side yet from the metrics above when you start researching into the product you can see why this was a strategic move they needed to make.
5. So overall it will be interesting to see where Facebook has a long term ROI strategy in this business.

Another funny twist in the story is that Facebook and Twitter both had the chance to hire the developer who was a founder of WhatsAPP, yet he was turned down. It was a hire worth several billion at that (refer to image below)


In addition to this many people are now in the market to develop an APP in the past we have written about how to promote you APP online, which may be helpful to users – http://jamesnorquay.com/the-surge-mobile-apps-basics-promote-mobile-app/

Let me know your thoughts on the WhatsAPP purchase below:

Baauer Harlem Shake Viral Video The Best

So over the past week, a song by Baauer call Harlem Shake has been causing a stir on YouTube and other video sites, the track itself was released over 10 months ago I remember finding it and thinking this has a really nice tune to it. Now further to this companies have made a whole series of 30 second clips.

Offices, Firefighters and even late night tv are doing a remix of the track which has gone viral:

I have ut together a list of my to 5 Harlem Shake remixes below:

Number 1 – College Humor

Number 2 – Fire Fighters Version

Number 3 – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Number 4 – Kids in a bedroom

Number 5 – Tailor + girls in Studio (probably the best one yet)

It just shows how a piece of content can go very viral and mainstream.

What is your best remix of this viral video?

How will the Click Frenzy Australia Website go down tonight?

Today is an interesting day in Australian retailing because we will see the first combined “online” deals day. Basically what this means is we will see a “Cyber Monday” in the Australian market. I first noticed this website a month ago when a buddy of mine in the retail space said if I have ever heard of the website “click Frenzy”? at the time I said I have never heard of it! (see image below when I first started talking about this site in October)

I did some background checks and it seems Power Retail was behind it, Smart move by them as from my estimations on costs they have done very well from this website, it apparently costs between $500-$10,000 to get listed on this site, depending on how much presence you want (so especially they have made over 100,000+, sure website set up and hosting will cost a bit but its easily going to turn a big profit. Another question many users are asking is if the site will actually stay live during the launch and many estimate it will do down due to sheer influx of visitors!


Now I have looked at some of the metrics behind “Click Frenzy” too see what type of traffic they are getting and it seems if you bench mark them next to a very large Australian brand Optus they are gaining quite good awareness in the market.

With the top search terms to the click frenzy brand been:

1. Click Frenzy
2. Click Frenzy Australia
3. Click Frenzy Online
4. Click Sale


Another funny thing is all the brands who have used the “Frenzy” line in their advertising, some examples from the paid search below, the best one by far is Treadmill Frenzy, followed by Deal Frenzy and Christmas Frenzy. I am suprised they have not registered the Click Frenzy trademark with Google as every brand has free game to bid on these terms.


Overall it will be interesting too see if this website lasts till next year? Will we see the same thing in the US where Shop.org started as clickfrenzy.com.au and then all retailers set up a date to basically offer the deals and “leak” the deals online.

I will be shopping at 7pm tonight and on the look out for a deal or too, if you are shopping tonight please post below:

Invisible Ad a campaign by Lynx Australia

I love all types of advertising and this recent campaign by Lynx sets the bar, it is a great use of a unique style of advertising in a CBD setting. The Lynx ad uses the first invisible ad to treat the passers by on the street in a populated area in Sydney. This just shows you that it pays to be different with advertising if you want to stand out!

The Share a Coca Cola Australia campaign a fantastic Viral campaign!

So over the past few weeks we would have all seen Coca Cola bottles flooding the stores with peoples names on them.
You would go into a store and see James, John, Sarah on labels with an emphasis to share a coke then them.

This was then followed up by a TVC campaign shown in prime time slots:

Further to the TV campaign we saw outdoor billboards with random names start showing up around popular areas in Australia:

Billboard campaign
Billboard campaign

The link up was also seen on social media with a full take over on the Coca Cola Australia Facebook page:


This is not where the fun stopped, every one rushed on to Facebook to then post about the campaign, if some one was drinking a coke and it had a friends name on it then they instantly tagged the friend on the coke bottle.

The names are not just traditional names, Coke has added a huge range of names to the campaign such as Kaila, over 150 different names have been added to labels:

Share a coke
Share a coke

Even on nights out people are sharing the coke story on Facebook here is “Alex” tagged in a shot mixing Jim Bean and Cola.

share a coke
share a coke

The only thing I saw with the campaign which was a bit funny was linking up the Facebook page to the Google paid search element, Something we have tested a few times in the past and it is not the best method to use in my opinion.
I feel linking up the official site (example – www.cocacola.com.au/shareacoke) and not the Facebook page would have been a smarter move, I wonder what the issues with quality score will be on this page?
Also making a micro site is not something I really like to see brands doing, the coke micro site links directly back to the Facebook page (www.shareacoke.com.au).

Marketing teams will say, hey why is it bad to link up to the micro site or Facebook campaign?

The answer is that if you want to build a huge number of links from the offline campaign to assist a long term SEO effort on the website. When the campaign is over you will see reep the benefits from all the links which are pointing to the website. Why build all these links to a different channel such as the Facebook page! You can easily build all the social elements out on the dedicated sub folder page.

But in the end of the day I feel the whole campaign is targeting a Facebook share element, so SEO would probably be an after thought.


Overall this seems to be a great campaign, linking up traditional offline methods such as product branding and then emphasizing a share element on social media sites with friends.

Please post your comments on the campaign below:

Flood does not stop crazy bus driver! [Viral Video]

So I found this video before and I can see it going viral, it is pretty crazy footage! We see floods stopping traffic yet a bus driver obviously not wanting to miss his passengers decides to take on the wall of water at full ball.

eHarmony Cat Girl Video a Viral video for eHarmony!

ok so over the last week a popular video online has been the cat girl who talks about having an account on eHarmony, basically she starts crying because she loves cats so much. The video has gone viral and has around 6 million views –

Now the thing is today I notice eHarmony employees/management have made a video about the Cat Girl –

It is evident that this is a smart social media campaign to drive awareness to eHarmony in my opinion.

What are your thoughts on this viral content?

Viral SEO a few tips and some examples!

viral-seo camaign
viral-seo camaign

Well every one knows how great it is to have a viral marketing campaign, where you make a video which instantly becomes popular or takes a few weeks/months to become popular then thousands if not millions of visitors come to your website.

Lately I have been messing around with a few test viral campaigns and I have seen good results in terms of natural link building and also traffic to a test websiteI own.

A quick snap shot from Google Analytics shows that this specific website I was testing the viral abilities on hit its peak in early March where the content went viral and then again in mid April where I have a new piece of content go viral.


Well you may ask what are some tips to make content viral via SEO or inbound marketing?

1. Make content which people will naturally want to share!
2. Try and make content which is a bit riskay yet in line with TOS of your on site advertising, depending on your TOS and site niche you can get a little crazy.
3. Input social media buttons into every thing, my advice is to just use Tweet buttons and Facebook likes other buttons can be a waste of time, I mean who want to put something on a site called shaelizzaR if the user based is next to nothing, it is awaste of time. But saying this I still am a very strong beliver in sites like Reddit and Stumbleuppon so deffiantly get your content up on these sites and think about some appropriate buttons.
4. Try and include images and video into your viral content, I mean back in 2004 you may have been able to make some viral content just containing text the times have changed people want images and video.
5. Look at search trends, twitter trends, Facebook trends do research into what is hot make viral content in regards to these areas.
6. Don’t stop making viral content once you have a few wins and content goes viral, try and replicate this process with some new ideas.

I hope these tips help you in some way, please comment if you want to add any thing else.