Over 90% of branded Viral Videos FAIL!

Sandhurst Digital

Sandhurst Digital

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A recent study by New Media Age has shown that over 90% of branded viral videos fail to gain significant traction amoung targeted users.

In the study by New Media Age they took over 200 viral videos into consideration and it showed that only 17 video from the 200 actually went viral. this data shows that only 8% of videos actually met their desired result.

some stand out videos were P&G’s old spice video series and Nike’s Write the Future world cup campaign. Nikes viral video series was shared over 300,000+ times on Facebook and over 30,000+ times on Twitter.

Their is also the long running Blendtec video series which has been a social success for many years on Youtube, a high majority of the companies sales have been derived from the Youtube channel.

View the Blendtec video here –



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