Viral SEO a few tips and some examples!

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viral-seo camaign
viral-seo camaign

Well every one knows how great it is to have a viral marketing campaign, where you make a video which instantly becomes popular or takes a few weeks/months to become popular then thousands if not millions of visitors come to your website.

Lately I have been messing around with a few test viral campaigns and I have seen good results in terms of natural link building and also traffic to a test websiteI own.

A quick snap shot from Google Analytics shows that this specific website I was testing the viral abilities on hit its peak in early March where the content went viral and then again in mid April where I have a new piece of content go viral.


Well you may ask what are some tips to make content viral via SEO or inbound marketing?

1. Make content which people will naturally want to share!
2. Try and make content which is a bit riskay yet in line with TOS of your on site advertising, depending on your TOS and site niche you can get a little crazy.
3. Input social media buttons into every thing, my advice is to just use Tweet buttons and Facebook likes other buttons can be a waste of time, I mean who want to put something on a site called shaelizzaR if the user based is next to nothing, it is awaste of time. But saying this I still am a very strong beliver in sites like Reddit and Stumbleuppon so deffiantly get your content up on these sites and think about some appropriate buttons.
4. Try and include images and video into your viral content, I mean back in 2004 you may have been able to make some viral content just containing text the times have changed people want images and video.
5. Look at search trends, twitter trends, Facebook trends do research into what is hot make viral content in regards to these areas.
6. Don’t stop making viral content once you have a few wins and content goes viral, try and replicate this process with some new ideas.

I hope these tips help you in some way, please comment if you want to add any thing else.


I currently own a high performance SEO & Content Marketing Agency called: Prosperity Media.

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