What is Google Knowledge Graph?

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Sandhurst Digital

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In an effort to be more like Bing, Google has rolled out “Knowledge Graph” what this means is that for some search terms specifically areas such as the following:

– Actor search.

– Movie search.

– Country search.

– History search.

+ many more areas which are non commercial.

This holds a big impact for any one who runs a website in areas such as movie sites, celebrity sites or any other gossip style site. Reason been this new knowledge graph will drive even higher CTR to Google owned properties and keep users on the search pages and they will not go to websites.

At SMX London “Google Fellow” Amit S, claims it will keep users on search longer, I disagree it all goes down to the intent of the user if the user is looking for basic information then they will go straight to the knwoledge graph and bypass websites. This will also drop a huge amount of traffic for Wikipedia, not that it really matters as they are not really revenue focused but I am sure it could have a direct impact on their overall impressions and donations.


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