Kogan expands into the UK market but neglects SEO!



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Kogan expands into the UK market but neglecting SEO!!

I have noticed alot of hype around Kogan moving into the UK market, yet the crazy thing is
I do not think they have looked at the SEO value for their new UK website.

Here are some key reasons why –

They seemed to have copy the website from Australia –


Place the website into Copyscape and it pulls up a large amount of duplicate entries,

The blog – http://www.kogan.com.au/blog/ is filled with Australian content too,

You would think if you are entering the UK market you would make UK specific content.

Other quick SEO problems for the Kogan.co.uk domain –

* Index title is too long.
* Index Meta Description is too long.
* w3c validility – 30 warnings
* No use of GEO meta to target the UK market.
* Website is not hosted in the UK according to our tracking.

Below on Copyscape we see the problems –

kogan duplicate content

kogan duplicate content

See the below page is already indexed in the .com.au domain –

kogan google rank

kogan google rank

Yet the exact same post on the .co.uk blog.


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