What is coming for SEO over the next few months and Penguin 2.0

James Norquay

James Norquay

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penguin 2.0

Today Google’s very own Matt Cutts head of web spam has released a new video today, I decided to pull the video apart and put together my top 10 take away’s from the video, if you want to check out the full video click here.

Here are 10 key take away’s from the video:

1. Google has noted that Penguin 2.0 will be launched in Summer (US time)

Google has noted that they are expecting to release the next round of Penguin, which is going to be more advanced in comparison to Penguin 1.0 which was rolled out in 2012.

2. Advertorials that pass page rank:

Google has noted that will start paid PR ads which pass paid rank, so if you are paying for a large number of news paper placements it may be time to re-think your strategy.

3. Targeting spam links and black hat packages:

Google has noted they are looking to target black hat links on scale and will take the full force of removals where possible for websites which have engaged in this type of link building.

4. Hacked web sites will be easier to pick up:

Google will start to be more prominent with displaying search results as been hacked, to make sure more users steer clear from visiting infected websites.

5. Targeting spammed keywords:

Google has noted they will start to target keywords such as “Payday Loans” heavily which is currently a keyword which is spammed heavily. It will be interesting too see how quickly Google moves on some of these commercial keywords in the Australian market as I see spammers move on these keywords on a daily basis.

6. Google has new advanced link monitoring software.

Cutt’s has mentioned that his team has a new advanced software for tracking links online, they are able to pick things up far more quickly in comparison to the past. Brian White at SMX Sydney was using this type of software to complete a link review on a website it seems like Majestic SEO on overdrive =)

7. Providing Authority for high value websites

If your website is a brand within a specific niche and you are doing something great then this will mean that Google is going to treat your website more favorably. This is why businesses need to start thinking like a big brand, start acting like a big brand and do what you can to push a positive and authority message for your business.

8. Limiting Cluster Results:

Cluster results are where you see the same website ranking for multiple positions for a specific keyword. Google is confirming that they are going to limit this type of activity.

9. Overall the benefit will be here for high quality content driven sites:

Matt Cutt’s has noted that websites which use high quality content and push for a high quality site are the ones who will see the best benefit from this roll out.

10. Don’t worry if you are doing things right:

The key message is if you are working with SEO’s who are doing high quality work you do not need to worry, if you are using low quality spammy tactics for short term gains you need to worry.


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