The State of SEO in Australia

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Some one asked me a question recently at an event, they said: “James if you were going to pick some one to do your SEO who would it be?”

Now I take a look at the Australian market and some of the strategies that companies are using, some of these strategies really do shock you, after some quick analysis you find poor quality SEO tactics such as the following been used:

1. Linking to the company website from 200 clients site with exact match terms such as “SEO” or “SEO + GEO”.
2. Using link networks where they link to clients and their own website.
3. Using a clients website and making pages on it to link to competitors.
4. Using any other dodgy link building methods which involve quick wins but no long term results.

Now the thing about the type of spam above is that it just creates projects where my company has to come in and fix up all the problems caused by this type of low quality work.

Now any one who has been in SEO for a long time knows you need to involve the following in today’s market.

1. Low use of direct anchor text targeting.
2. High quality links on related content pages.
3. Using effective content marketing methods to drive links/ traffic and sales ect ect.

Don’t get me wrong link building has changed and things have become far more difficult then the early days back in 2005 for example where most things worked with limited time and effort. Link building is far more advanced now, you need to involve a strategy which is long lasting and will provide long term results.

Now to answer the original question, who would I pick to do my SEO, I would probably go with a company in the US or UK who knows their stuff. Their are only a handful of Australian companies who know what they are doing and truly have invested interest in SEO.


I currently own a high performance SEO & Content Marketing Agency called: Prosperity Media.

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