Some ideas for Klout, a Social Media influence tool.

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So I have been using Klout for a while, I set up an account and pretty much forgot about it. Then recently a few people started talking to me about Klout so needless to say I went back into my account to see what was happening.

I found out that my current Klout score is 47.

Klout score

Klout score

What is Klout?

Klout is a tool in which you can measure your social influence online, basically you link up all your social profiles you own and Klout gives you a a score based on the level of interaction you have with various people on these channels.

What Social Media sites can I like up with Klout?

– Twitter
– Facebook
– Google+
– Linkedin
– Foursquare
– Youtube
– FlickR
– Tumblr
– Blogger
– WordPress
– Last FM
– Instagram

Now The matter of this post is that if you have a true influence on social media you also are quite active on your own personal blog or blogs? Or you are quite active on Social Bookmarking websites and also active on Forums?

Currently you can not link up your own hosted WordPress site to Klout you can only link up sites on the wordpress sub domain, which is annoying becuase I currently have a few blogs on WordPress. I also am very active on numerous forums which relate to niches I work, I have 1000s of posts on these sites and I have been active on these sites since 2004 and finally I share a fair bit on social bookmarking. So my message for Klout is to try and link up some other social sites and have an option for people who host their own blogs, as currently whilst the Klout score is a good bit of fun it is no way an accurate level of ones social influence.

Here is a link to my Klout profile:

Please let me know your thoughts on Lout in the comments below:


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