Some good PR6 and PR7 Links I acquired.

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Sandhurst Digital

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So over the past year on this blog I have had a lot of websites linking to posts I have made. Two impressive links although they are not keyword anchor text focused are from Search Engine Land and Inside Facebook. Why are these links good? because these links are on PR6 and PR7 domains, not index listed any more yet they were on the home pages. Sure enough PR is not a highly important metric to bang on about but it is still decent to acquire high PR links in my opinion if they are done naturally. I would also start looking at links from a domain authority and page authority metric.

Here are the two articles on Search Engine Land and Inside Facebook.

Authority Links

Authority Links

How did I get these link?

The way in which I acquired these links was by making content that was engaging to these specific sites, then once I had a story which I felt was ground breaking I found some authority websites in that niche and sent them a email, or used the contact form for News.

Most of the time you will have to contact specific editors to get a story listed, similar to what PR professionals do.


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