SEO’s need to get more Social!

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Well Google has updated their algorithm to include a higher emphasis on Social websites. I have predicted this change to be coming for a long while and any one who has been working in both areas of social media and SEO like myself will have known how big the impact of social has been on SEO for the last few years.

Here is a video from Google about the recent changes –

Sure the video does not let too many things away and Google never does.

Here is some advice from my end in regards to the changes –

1. Get active on Twitter if you are not already you need to be a content king =)
2. Get actice on big Q & A websites such as Quora.
3. Get active on pretty much any social websites which is big in my opinion, you needs to test what works will for you in your niche. Links from specific social media websites have worked very well for me in speicifc niches yet in other niches they have not.
4. Facebook Like data, Google comes out and states they don’t place too much emphasis on like data from Facebook as it is behind a wall. Yet from my experience Google is utilizing any thing which is related to like data.
5. Get your Google profile updated and going strong, I predict Google will make a big push for Google profiles soon. Gmail emails they will integrate every thing into something big which is social related.
6. Get involved highly with any social media activities if your company is running a social media campaign then you need to get involved and be their from the start =)

I will post more developments and insights as they come =)


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