SEO’s given some kind words by Matt Cutts.

James Norquay

James Norquay

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Matt Cutts has posted a video on his YouTube channel today saying some niche comments about SEO’s,

I think this is a good video from google to show how SEO’s are a very valubale resource for website owners and not a snake
oil sales man. the problem is soo many sales man/ scam SEO’s exist they give the limited amount of Good SEO’s a bad name.

Some positive points about SEO’s Matt Cutts places are:

– SEO’s help improve site speed/ make your sire fast.
– SEO’s imporve page crawlability
– SEO’s can assist with Keyword Research.
– Make sure you use the right keywords within content.
– Usability and design consultants.
– Find an SEO who gives you all the information and does not hide things.

Video can bew viewed here:


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