SEOmoz Gift for been a top SEO community member!

Sandhurst Digital

Sandhurst Digital

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So I hope every one had a fantastic New years and Christmas, it feels like it went too quickly in my eyes.

Over the christmas period I was lucky to receive a gift from SEOmoz recently for helping out on the community for the last few years and been a top community member here: and thought I would share an image of the great gift I received:


The gift contained:

– 2 x SEOmoz stickers
– 1 x SEOmoz ruler
– 1 x SEOmoz drink bottle
– 1 x SEOmoz t-shirt
– 1 x SEOmoz key ring

I would like to say thank you to SEOmoz for the gift and I hope to contribute more to the site in 2013, I will be writing a new blog post soon for the site.


I currently own a high performance SEO & Content Marketing Agency called: Prosperity Media.

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