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Sandhurst Digital

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So today our friends at SEO MOZ released a new web app SEO tool. This new tools is said to save SEO’s and webmasters time because time is one thing which many tools take up.

Here is a brief review of this new tool from a SEO Specialists view point on the new tool –

Some great benefits of this new tools –

1. Crawl Diagnostics – this is a great area it scans your whole website to pick up specific SEO based problems like 302 redirects, broken urls ect (refer to image below to see what they check up on). This saves SEO’s time, I mean Google webmaster tools can pull this type of data too yet the SEO Moz pro tools seems to give it all in a easy to read fashion.
Crawl test SEO Moz
2. Keyword Rankings – This is a great little section to track your top keywords in search engines, SEO Moz said they will allow pro members to track up to 250 keywords.

3. Competitive Link Analysis – This is a great little section to pick up a link analysis on your competitors in coming links, as competitor analysis is crucial for SEO. Only problem I found with this is you can only track 3 competitors, I feel 6 would be a better number to track.
SEO link analysis
4. On page analysis – Another great factor with the SEO package is that it pulls a quick on page analysis to show problems like H1,H2 usage and other important on page metrics.

Overall I think this new web app/ tool by SEO MOZ is one of the best I have seen I mean I have tested many different SOE tools from Raven, Webo CEO to Woorank.

The only problem I can see is the pricing structure it does not favor Agency’s at all, or small SEO companies.

$79 – you can track 5 websites & 250 keywords
$499 – you can track 10 websites.
$2000 – you can track 50 websites.

This new pricing increase is very high for the top two plans, I mean sure these tools are fantastic but we see other options on the market like Woorank who pull similar website SEO audits for Free.

But I would recommend using the $79 plan with SEO Moz as it is well worth it.


I currently own a high performance SEO & Content Marketing Agency called: Prosperity Media.

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