New Facebook Email and Messages system!

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Facebook has announced a new, improved version of the Messages product and new email service for users.

The new Facebook Messages can integrate chat, texts and email into one place. No matter how a user talks to someone, all messages can be streamlined into a single,
continuous thread.

Users will now have the option of creating a public email address which will allow them to receive messages on Facebook.
Modeled after Facebook Chat, the focus of this feature is on creating a simpler, faster experience for people to communicate with their friends.

Email compatibility is simply a way to allow those who use Facebook to communicate with people who prefer to use a standard email clients.

Users the option to create email addresses using the [email protected] domain

Employees of Facebook will use the new [email protected]. email address.

The new Messages design will be rolled out to all Facebook users gradually, so you should see steps to opt-in soon. If you want to access the new design early,
visit this page to learn more about the new Messages product and request an invitation to opt-in via the URL –


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