My Top 10 Predictions for Online and Digital in 2012.

Sandhurst Digital

Sandhurst Digital

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Well another year is coming to an end, how quick as 2011 gone!!!

I thought I would put together a list of my top 10 predictions for 2012. My list will contain things in SEO, Domain names, Digital Media and any thing else which fits into the online work.

1. Domains in Australia will see an up lift in investment, I predict we will see high prices been paid for domains by end users looking to get into the space.
2. domains will also pick up in popularity due to various benefits they hold – People who may not have a chance to gain investment in will take in 2012.
3. iPads will be even more popular as a device to view digital media, I can see huge numbers of sales in iPad devices – I think if you are into digital media you need to practise what you preach so owning a tablet is a good move in learning the technology, or if you want to get even further involved learn to design aps.
4. We will see a higher level of investment in Social Media – Social is hot at the moment but I feel in 2012 even more businesses will open the doors to social media.
5. Google+ will see a larger increase in users, Google will invest highly in the AU market with TV and offline campaigns to drive the non tech savvys users to Google+.
6. Mobile wallet will pick up in popularity – I can see mobile wallets and pay passes will become even more popular in 2012.
7. Higher use of internet on TV’s – I have been using YouTube on my TV for a while, I can see that internet based TV devices will really take off in 2012.
8. Large retailers will increase their investment into digital and push online stores.
9. Social will have a great influence on SEO in 2012 – it is evident that Google will really push the social media as a key metric of SEO, sure it has been this way for a while but I can see if even more in 2012.
10. We will see a new popular social media site come onto the scene


I currently own a high performance SEO & Content Marketing Agency called: Prosperity Media.

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