My Take on the new Facebook Mobile Phone branded HTC

Sandhurst Digital

Sandhurst Digital

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So last week I had a chance to play with the new HTC Facebook branded mobile phones, these phones are quite interesting and have some very cool Facebook features.

The whole phone has a emphasis on Facebook from the Facebook button which takes place right below the keypad, then you have the log in screen you see Facebook apps and Facebook status updates every where.

The thing about these phones is that they catch me as been a bit childish, I mean I can not see half the black berry business mobile phones owners at work running out to buy a HTC Facebook phone. But I can see this phone taking off with the younger Facebook demographic been 15-21 range.

The phones come in two different styles and different colors I have attached two photos below of the new HTC Facebook Phones:

Facebook Mobile Phone HTC
Facebook Mobile Phone HTC

Facebook Mobile Phone Cha Cha
Facebook Mobile Phone Cha Cha

In the Australian market we currently have Vodafone offering this phone, I know alot of people do not quite like Vodafone so I think the next best bet would be to buy this phone from eBay but make sure it is compatiable with the AU market =)

Overall the features put a strong emphasis on Facebook I mean you go and think you are writing a message but it is really a Facebook status update =) Or you are logged into Facebook pretty much 24 hours a day 7 days a week when the phone is on to us the chat functions.

Overall the phone is good but it is not for me I prefer my business HTC =)


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