KONY 2012 – Who is Joseph Kony Viral Video Campaign.

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Over the last day I have seen a lot of buzz around the word “KONY” and “KONY 2012″ on my social channels, been some one who is always monitoring social media signals and wanting to know what is this latest buzz word is it a brand or is it a person? Is it a new Jeremy Lin?

Well in this case it is non of the above it is far worse, I suggest you take the time to watch the video below to find out who exact Joseph Kony is, he sits in the same category as a Ghaddafi or a Hitler.

I have to admit this is one of the best viral targeted campaigns to spread a message I have seen, it uses social media effectively and really brings together key influences for a specific cause. I guess this is the way the world is changing where social media can have a direct impact on a specific subject or area for all.

So spread the word KONY 2012:

KONY 2012

KONY 2012








But we also must bare in mind that the money raise for this campaign is spent wisely I noticed an interesting link on Tumblr
which shows past campaigns by this organisation, I also think that all the posters and kits will be thrown in the bin at the end of the campaign, but in the same mind set how much do politicians spend on campaigns even if they have caused so much damage, I think social movement is good in this case.


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