Huffington Post Sold for $315 million but it leaves with a Cheeky SEO post!



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Well today the news no one expected is that the mega popular online blog Huffington Post, probably one of the largest news blogs online has been sold to AOL for over $315 million.

The funny thing today with the super bowl 45 on Huffington post has placed one of the funniest SEO optimized to the max articles I have ever seen from a news article haha, obviously trying to catch in on the Google trends patterns.

Huffington Post Article

Huffington Post Article

What do you think about big news websites doing this type of thing to grab huge traffic?

Also an interesting note from the sale is that this brings AOL’s media assets to * Huffington Post * Techncrunch * Autoblog * Engadget and many more, very interesting deals which I am sure will drive some big impressions for the AOL network.

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