Having more referrals from Facebook in comparison to Google on a Niche website!



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So recently I was talking to some one who claimed that it would be very funny to see a “niche website” with more traffic from Facebook.com over Google for a website which has been optimized, with out having any Facebook ad spend, basically generating the FB visitors using 100% unique free sources.

The difference between a niche site and something such as a celebrity website is that they are harder to drive targeted traffic from social sources too. Sure enough every one wants to share things on the latest celebs via Facebook yet who wants to share niche websites?

I said to this guy I bet you I own a few “niche” based websites personally which have more traffic from Facebook.com over Google.

So what I did was check up on the Google Analytic stats for two test sites I personally own, looking at some month on month data. Been a long time SEO I probably run close too 100+ websites all over the world, so I can always test new tactics/ trends and any thing else.

Looking at only 5 sites I easily found two websites which now in fact have more traffic then Google Organic sources in comparison to Google search.





So from the Analytics data above it is evident that the two sites in question one was a natural body style website and the other is a niche tech site easily obtain more traffic from Facebook over Google Organic search.

So in the end of the day any thing is possible you just have to test new and fun techniques that will be attractive to your target demographic and you also need to keep in line with the policy set down by Facebook because nothing is worse then having a domain black listed on Facebook.

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