Guide: How to do a quick 301 redirect on a small website.

Sandhurst Digital

Sandhurst Digital

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I thought I would show up the steps for doing a quick 301 on a website which only has say 20 pages, if you have larger sites 100-10,000+ pages where link juice is spread over numerous
urls then you need to redirect each url one by one (it is a bit more advanced)

1. A 301 redirect from to: (This redirect can be done from the domain level, it needs to be a 301 and not a 302 or we will run into problems)
2. The new websites needs to be added to Google Webmaster tools account, the new redirect needs to be communicated with Google – (You also need to verify this change on the site or link it to the Google analytics to the account.)
3. Old links pointing to the old website should be changes to use the anchor text “NEW TITLE” for the new domain.
4. It is important to communicate the new website domain in Google Maps, local directories, these new locations should also communicate the new website.
5. Any other domains which currently 301 to the old website should also be redirected to the new site you do not want endless 301 redirects happening.

I hope this guide helps any one.


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