Googles new web spam algorithm change!

James Norquay

James Norquay

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So any one in the SEO business would be aware of all the buzz which has been happening over the last week. The test phase for these changes have been noted by webmasters since the start of January. What this change is meant to involve is a reduced level of web spam in search result pages. Matt Cutts has come out and said he wants to target low quality websites which are small in size and provide a poor user experience.

I have noted some following things which I believe google may be targeting.

* Small websites less then 50 pages of unique content will be on their hit list.
* Websites which do not have unique content on their website or sites which rip content should look out.
* Websites which have crazy high bounce rates, dont get me wrong I am 100% sure bounce rate is ranking factor on Google if your site has a crazy bounce rate it is sure to ring some alarm bells at Google.
* Sites which are low on speed and take ages to load and also ridden with coding errors I am sure will also be on the hit list.

I know this algorithm change is a big one and I have been monitoring serp results for numerous properties and I have seen gains and losses across the board.


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