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So over the past few months we have been seeing a crazy amount of changes with Google. We have also been seeing a crazy amount of testing going on.

One recent change I want to go over is the Google News Site links feed (this can be seen in the below example with

News Site Links

News Site Links

This is a great change because it gives you an extra 3 lines in the organic Serps for your brand name.

Now the question is if you are a new Google News Content provider, you have your content showing in Google news yet you want to now get Google News Site links feed how do you do it?

Now from my analysis into this you need to be creating a lot of “Custom News content” what does custom news content involve you may ask, well custom news content means you are using the following things:

1. You are pushing out several news articles within a 12 hour period.
2. The news content is email and mobile friendly.
3. The root domain is high authority and has good link bait.
4. You have repeat viewers and lower bounce rate.
5. Great social media integration.

I also feel we see other factors in the mix such as if Google deems your news website to be of high authority, these factors could be any thing from PR, Link Profile, Brand mentions and many other area.

If you have any more information on Google News Additional Site Links feed please share your thoughts in the comments section below:


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