Google Instant Search Explained

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google instant search image

Google today released their newest search product Google Instant, an instant preview in their search results. This means the entire page display is now based on an algorithm which predicts exactly what you will type. If you type more characters and words the search box will change numerous times. This is similar to the search suggestion box which currently shows on Google.

You can view a live example of Google instant here –

The new Google Instant is currently not live in Australia, according to Google it should be in the coming weeks.

Currently if you visit it is live for all users that are logged into your Google account.

The problems we will face with this increased impressions for websites, if the user stays on a page for more then 3 seconds it will mean and impression is counted.

This is a massive change for the search giant Google especially for paid search advertisers, it is early days but it is highly likely that
search impressions will go up rather then down.

I will post more information on this change as it comes to me =)


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