Getting to Page one Digg with a Blogspot domain, I miss 2006.



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I was looking at my Digg account the other day for the first time in a while, I mean from a link building and traffic point of view Digg isn’t really hot as it use to be, I don’t check it like I use to I have a bunch of other social sites to mess around with. This got me thinking what was hot content on Digg? I remember back to 2006 when I was creating articles and finding articles online to make stories that would go viral on Digg and other article website.
One of my top articles I actually made on a random blog spot domain I had, this article was on page one of Digg for a good half day and the traffic it sent back in 2006 was well crazy to say the least.

digg viral content

digg viral content

I originally sourced this content via a gamers forum, the moral of this story is:

If you are making viral content or finding viral content for social bookmarking sites like Digg, the users will love any thing tech related, my page one Digg article shows the users go absolutely crazy for any thing of the sort.

I mean this was 2006 and now it is 2011 so Digg is not really that hot any more and sites like Reddit take it over. Another thing this makes me think when I look at this Digg content is how long I have actually been doing internet marketing for!

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