Gary Vaynerchuk Sydney Event Review

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Last Month I was lucky to buy a few tickets to the Gary Vaynerchuk Sydney event for some of my team members at Prosperity Media. It was a great talk by Gary he dropped some great gems of information such as

How he took his family wine business from $3M to $60M a year. Gary now runs Vayner Media which does $100M a year.

1. When Google ads came out, he owned the wine keywords at 5c a click.
2. His email open rates were as high as 91% in the 90s.
3. Understand the context of your audience.
4. Don’t romanticise how you make money, the market doesn’t care.
5. Big shifts are happening. Pay attention and don’t hold on to things that don’t work any more.
6. Educate yourself.
7. Put in the work which matches your ambition.
8. Generations of attention doesn’t last that long.
9. Be sure your team is involved with key social sites Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube as over 50% of time online is spent on these channels.
10. Be Humble in business and think about your companies legacy don’t build shit!
11. If you are still working a full time job you are not an Entrepreneur.
I was also able to give back to young marketers by giving away over 20 tickets to this event to people who could not otherwise afford to attend which was nice to give back =)

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 6.17.57 PM

Finally I was able to meet Gary one on one and ask some questions about growing a digital business and to also present him with a gift Cronulla Sharks Jersey.


I currently own a high performance SEO & Content Marketing Agency called: Prosperity Media.

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