Four Free SEO tools you would be crazy not to try!

Sandhurst Digital

Sandhurst Digital

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Today I want to share with you four great SEO tools I have been using in the last month. These tools all do different things from website crawling to anchor text ratio checking. The best thing about these four tools is that they are all free.

Tool 1 – Domain Hunter (Broken Link Finder and Building tool)

Domain Hunter pro is a tool which allows you to check for broken out going links on your website it also shows you if you can register the domain. This tool is very cool because if you find a high authority page with 500+ out going links you can quickly scan the page for links. You can use advanced search queries like “ “List of websites” ect ect

Domain Hunter









Use the tool here:

Tool 2 – Anchor Text Ratio Checker (Link Building Analysis Tool)

This tool allows you to check the anchor text ratios of your website, so if you have over optimized your link building campaigns for a website it will show up in red. This is a very hand tool to do a quick link building audit on a website to see if they are over optimizing their link building efforts.

Anchor Text Ratio






Use the tool here:

Tool 3 – SMO (Social Media Optimization Checker)

This great tool lets you check your social media optimization rates on a website, if you have effective optimized your website with the correct mark up for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin it will let you know.

SMO Checker






Use the tool here:

Tool 4 – Website Crawler Tool (Quick Website Analysis Tool)

This tool is great becuase it will show you a top level website crawl view on websites, basically you can scan up to 250 pages on a website.

Website Crawler





Use the tool here:

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