Facebook needs a option to merge 2 accounts into 1, even more so with Time Lines!

Sandhurst Digital

Sandhurst Digital

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Ok so I have been searching around on the internet for an option where I can merge two accounts into one on Facebook, I found this thread where 100′s of people are requesting to do this:
Facebook Help Forum seems that no one has an answer to this question.

Reason this is because I had a Facebook account from 2007-2009 (it was deactivated) I started a new account in 2009-2011 and now I really want to get the old account details merged with the new account after testing the new features on Facebook Time Lines feature if you are missing details on your Facebook it is a in complete product, will seem like some of your history is missing.

Thinking about this it would be a fantastic feature for all Facebook users because when people are married they may want to merge their 2 accounts into one account.

Currently the advice from Facebook is to “download your history on Facebook” but really it does not work at all.

Now if you are facing the same problem and you want to merge 2 Facebook accounts please post a comment below, lets try and wake Facebook up and get this happening:


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