Facebook Memorable Status Updates are Annoying.

Sandhurst Digital

Sandhurst Digital

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OK so any one would have seen this new update on Facebook recently which is one of the many 100 features they add on each year.

I find these Memorable status updates really annoying to be honest, Sure it is a cool feature to bring up your past but some times you have to let the past be the past.

Today I noticed a very interesting “Memorable Status Update” on my Facebook it was actually my sister was talking about her dog and taking it for a walk, I had replied to this status and my posts were all removed because Facebook decided to remove my account in 2009 for policy violations in Advertising, really all I did was make some mistakes with pages and they deleted my whole account.

Now this memorable status update comes up and it looks like my sister is talking to her self check it out here –

annoying facebook memorable status update

annoying facebook memorable status update

It looks a bit silly doesn’t it.

This is the spot these status updates show up on Facebook –

memorable status updates

memorable status updates

What should be the best case senario?

What if a post about a ex girlfriend shows up in a Memorable Status update? And you current girlfriend goes crazy?

Really I think the best way for Facebook to fix this is to not allow people to comment on Memorable Status Updates, Or even better do not include them in the most recent updates (easy).

Surely Facebook does testing and thinks about this kind of stuff I mean they have 1000s of employees now!

Your thoughts?


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