Exact Target Connect Sydney Review and Notes

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Recently I attended the Exact Target Global connect at Town Hall, first let me say that this is one of the best venues for a conference I have been too. It was also good too see the Sydney Online Marketing field out in force with 1000’s of people turning up to the event.

Now the conference itself had some fantastic speakers from all over the world, two of the best speakers from the day would have to be:

Kyle Lacy – https://twitter.com/kyleplacy
Author of Twitter for Dummies

Rachel Botsman – https://twitter.com/rachelbotsman
TED Speaker & Social Innovator

A few notes from the event with I would like to share with the readers of my blog from the event are:

Note 1. SoLoMo social = trust, local = close proximity, mobile = game changer. watch an example of this concept here:

Note 2. Crowd funding set to be huge in the near future sites like: outgrow.me

Note 3. Stats on Asia show the growth in the region

Mobile growth in Asia is really set to explode in coming years.

Mobile Growth in Asia
Mobile Growth in Asia
Stats on Asia
Stats on Asia





Note 4. It’s a ok to be a little creepy with marketing but not too creepy – This was an interesting statement that kyle had the audicence chanting over and over.

Note 5. Over 520 million online shoppers in China by 2015 – It just shows you how huge the Chinese digital market is going to be by 2015, far out pacing any where else in the world.

Note 6. Use the mum and dad test for design and CRO, if they do no get it it’s not simple enough for your customers!

Note 7. mobile-patterns.com is good website for mobile design ideas, people submit design ideas which have worked in the past to save you time.

Note 8. Using a service such as Exact Targets IGoDigital: By tagging every part of your website you can increase your relevance to visitors profile = increased conversion.

Note 9. 74% of customer don’t leave home without their smartphone, which just shows you how important marketing via smart phones is set to become.

Note 10. Mobile phone email pre-header is key to CTR – Many speakers on the day stated when doing a mobile marketing campaign.

Note 11.96% of Australians online have signed up for an EDM (email list), 55% have liked a brand on Facebook, 6% have followed a brand on Twitter – this just shows you how willing Australian customers are to sign up to email lists.

Note 12. Exact Target purchase funnel – This was a great slide to show the customer purchase journey:

Exact target Purchase Cycle
Exact target Purchase Cycle





Finally the night wrapped up with a networking party with singers from the Voice and Dj Casey Connor from the US. The food was pizza and dumplings with Beers and win flowing, overall it was a great event.


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