Don’t mess with Animals or Social Media will get you!

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Don’t mess with Animals or Social Media will get you!

Well I think most people are aware of the mean cat lady who last week put a poor innocent Kitty into a bin for no reason,
I am not really a cat person, I am more of a dog person but still it makes my blood boil to see this type of thing happening
to poor innocent animals.

Here is a new report of What originally happened.

As you know this video cause quite a stir in the world and now thanks to social media people have come back
in a big way !!

1. We saw the viral video “Revenge of the cat” be made where we see a cat place the woman in the bin! –

2. we saw a viral Facebook page be made “Cat Lady should do time in a bin”

3. We saw a Twitter page be made “Cat Bin Lady” which now has close to 12k followers!!

People need to watch and learn if you are mean to animals their is going to be a social media revolt against you,
you will have your image wrecked for life. So if you are thinking about hurting a poor innocent animal in the future
DON’T do it because you could be left with a very poor social media image.


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