Company Website or Facebook Page?

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A common question been asked over and over but many in the industry is should I have just a Facebook page and no company website? Well the answer is NO. Why would you only have a Facebook page and leave the risk of having the page banned. Your Website needs to act as your home base so to say and your social media properties been Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, Tumblr need to act as your channels which all should link back to your home base.

Other things to think about when only having a Facebook page is if you do SEO link building for your Facebook page all the links are going to be benefiting the root domain and not your own website.

Another issue is Facebook can take action at any time to your Facebook page, you have no control over your Facebook page if it is your sole web property.

Sure enough be a highly active user on Facebook but my advice DO NOT use facebook as your home base it is a recipe for problems.


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