Bing Facebook data has an effect on SERP’s some Examples!



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Bing has updated its search algorithm today to include even more Facebook Data. What this new update means is that Facebook likes will be a powerful ranking metric if your friends like similar content.

An example when I search for “NRL”, not logged in to Bing/Facebook.

Normal Result 

Normal Result

Now when I search for the same result logged to Bing and Facebook the results change and I see new listings which my friends have liked –

Result logged in 

Result logged in

The interesting factor is that this next link “Dream Team” a large number of friends from Facebook like it so it has been pushed to around 6th place on Page one as seen here, yet when I log out this page is no where to be found on any results in Bing.

From Google keyword tool NRL gets around 5,400 searches a month, I know this is Google data and not Bing data but this is a decent traffic term for Australian SERP’s.

What does this mean for SEO? Well SEO will need to be even more integrated with Social Media Teams, we need to be utilizing combined strategy and working even closely together.

As Google has such a large dominance in the Australian market and Bing only has under 5-10% usage it will not be a big impact but what is to say in 5 years time Bing will be at the same level as the US market?

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