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Sandhurst Digital

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I blogged some time ago about the changes which have been happening with Bing and how search is becoming
more social and integrating Facebook data.

I noticed this when using Bing before, that these new changes had been integrated, where if you search for peoples names
it brings up Facebook data based on your connections.

Also when you search for a product or service if your friends have liked this specific product it will show
highly in results.

This puts emphasis on making sure that you have developed your Facebook Social Media and SEO strategy in unison, it also is crucial that you develop your SEO capabilities with the open graph API on Facebook and when you integrate Facebook buttons on your website that you use suitable keywords.

I can see a big future in social media and SEO and been involved with both for the last few years these moves are very interesting to me.

Check out the video below for more insight into this Bing move –


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