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back to business

back to business

So I have been back in the country for a few days after my 2 month Europe holiday and I have already been on yet another plane to Brisbane to meet clients, the business of SEO does not stop. That been said over the last 2 months I have been taking things some what easy but I have still been reading most of the SEO/ Industry news and keeping up to date with emails while in transit, so I still had a good idea of any changes in the market.

While I was in the UK in August I was had some spare time one night and decided to attend a SEO meetup “London SEO” run by the popular agency Ayima, it was a good night with a very healthy turn out. It was great to meet some like minded SEO professional from iCrossing, SEO Gadget, Ayima, independent agency’s and large agencies! overall it was a great turn out with around 80+ people attending on a Tuesday night at a guess.

Now the reasons for the post is that more and more I see people saying SEO is Dead ect, well in my eyes I feel SEO has evolved and it is more popular than ever, going to an industry event at a random bar on a Tuesday night and seeing 80+ people all involved and passionate only shows you a small segment of how strong the industry is currently, sure enough if you are doing SEO poorly and providing low quality results then yes it probably is dead but if you are looking out side the square and providing good value for clients then it is not dead now is it.

What are your thoughts on this one please comment below on how you feel about the current state of SEO?

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