Baauer Harlem Shake Viral Video The Best

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Sandhurst Digital

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So over the past week, a song by Baauer call Harlem Shake has been causing a stir on YouTube and other video sites, the track itself was released over 10 months ago I remember finding it and thinking this has a really nice tune to it. Now further to this companies have made a whole series of 30 second clips.

Offices, Firefighters and even late night tv are doing a remix of the track which has gone viral:

I have ut together a list of my to 5 Harlem Shake remixes below:

Number 1 – College Humor

Number 2 – Fire Fighters Version

Number 3 – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Number 4 – Kids in a bedroom

Number 5 – Tailor + girls in Studio (probably the best one yet)

It just shows how a piece of content can go very viral and mainstream.

What is your best remix of this viral video?


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