Australian SEO companies Guaranteeing results!



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Ok so recently I see more and more Australian companies offering number #1 spots on Google.

This is getting worse and worse in the Australian market with more fly by night SEO companies coming into the market and throwing around these claims.

An Example of “Guaranteed results” are from one website, which I have removed –



The thing is you go to these guys and say ok what keywords can you guarantee number one ranks on? Can you rank my affiliate site for “Credit Card” with 100% ethical tactics in 1 month?

They come back with an answer saying yeah we can guarantee ranks on “Fishing hotel Sydney buy now 2011″ or some brand terms in your domain WOW that is going to drive a crazy CPA…

The thing is Google even advises companies not to use this strategy here:

Google Stance on guaranteed results

Google Stance on guaranteed results


Who else has a view on this dodgy strategy!

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