Arnold Schwarzenegger Sydney Event Review

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Sydney

I attended the Arnold Schwarzenegger Business Motivational speech in Sydney yesterday. I have always been a fan of his movies and body building career for a while so it was good too see the motivational talk by the big man.

The talk lasted around 2 hours with around 20 minutes Q&A.

A few interesting facts from the talk by Arnold:

– Arnold was not paid for the movie Twins, he had a 40% owner ship of the movie with Danny Devito, the movie made over 216 million so it was a huge payday which keeps bringing in money.

– Arnold made his first million in a property and bricklaying business in LA.

– Arnold was told when he was 15 in Austria that he was never going to be able to make it to the US, people never had the belief that he could go to a new country and learn a new language.

– Arnold said his favorite leading lady to work with in movies was Jamie Lee Curtis.

– Arnold said it is good to learn 15 minutes a day about something totally random such as classical music and continue this for several months. .

– Arnold said that when was body building at a young age he did it with no shoes on.

– Arnold relaxes by driving around in his very own tank.

– When Arnold was in the Army he still took all his weights on the road with him and trained every night for 2 hours.

Arnie’s top 5 tips for every one attending:

1. Have vision and follow it – it is important to have a big vision in life, set your vision down and go for it.
2. Aim Higher – Set high goals, if you think you can do something go for it, nothing is impossible.
3. Forget naysayers – Don’t listen to people who say you can not achieve something any thing is possible.
4. Work hard – you need to work hard on things if you want to achieve a goal, nothing is going to come easy.
5. Give back – Try to give back to your local community or charity where possible. You can have millions and millions but it will not mean you are happy.

Quick video from the Event, 4 minutes (sorry about the quality) it was taken from my phone.


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