A review of the SERP result “SEO” in the Australian market!

Sandhurst Digital

Sandhurst Digital

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So I was wondering today how hard it would be to rank for the term “SEO” in the Australian market, many people say that SEO is up their with one of the most competitive terms to rank for. I have the mindset that nothing is impossible and I feel that with the right time limits I could potentially rank for this term in the AU space as I have taken on ranks within the US markets with far higher competition.

So the first step of ranking in the Australian space for the term “SEO” is a bit of competitive analysis. I took the top 9 websites which are currently ranking the Australian space for the term “SEO” and did some analysis. I did not include Wikipedia in the analysis as it is usually a fixed element within search results across various verticals.

For the analysis I looked at the following factors:

– Anchor Text with “SEO” exact.
– Total root domain links.
– Percentage of Anchor Text links with “SEO”
– “SEO” in the domain.
– Number of Facebook Shares.
– Number of Twitter shares.
– Google +1 Shares.

Results in the image below:


Overall after seeing the results I feel that with the right amount of time it is possible to achieve this rank.


I currently own a high performance SEO & Content Marketing Agency called: Prosperity Media.

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