9 Reasons you have been doing Online Marketing for a long time!

Sandhurst Digital

Sandhurst Digital

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So this year I have been doing SEO and Online marketing for around 7-8 years, I know this is not a long time by the standards of Bruce Clay and Danny Sullivan who have been doing Internet Marketing for say 16-17 years.

I have out a list of 9 reasons you know you have been doing Online Marketing for a while:

1. You remember when Digital Point Forums was a popular website for SEOs and internet marketers, not just a haven for spammers and eBook sellers as it is now.
2. You remember when you purchased and sold websites on sitepoint.com and not Flippa.com
3. You remember when it was fine by Google to use paid links. (Grey hat)
4. You remember when making $3,000+ a month on Adsense was pretty easy.
5. You remember when every on asked if you were listed on DMoz!
6. You remember when every one cared about the PR of your website as one of the most important metrics!
7. You remember when “link Wheel” was a common strategy.
8. You remember when you used paid bulletins on Myspace to promote websites
9. You remember when people used Myspace layouts heavily for link building (Grey hat)

If you have any thing to add to this list please feel free to do so below in the comments section:


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