The Share a Coca Cola Australia campaign a fantastic Viral campaign!

So over the past few weeks we would have all seen Coca Cola bottles flooding the stores with peoples names on them.
You would go into a store and see James, John, Sarah on labels with an emphasis to share a coke then them.

This was then followed up by a TVC campaign shown in prime time slots:

Further to the TV campaign we saw outdoor billboards with random names start showing up around popular areas in Australia:

Billboard campaign
Billboard campaign

The link up was also seen on social media with a full take over on the Coca Cola Australia Facebook page:


This is not where the fun stopped, every one rushed on to Facebook to then post about the campaign, if some one was drinking a coke and it had a friends name on it then they instantly tagged the friend on the coke bottle.

The names are not just traditional names, Coke has added a huge range of names to the campaign such as Kaila, over 150 different names have been added to labels:

Share a coke
Share a coke

Even on nights out people are sharing the coke story on Facebook here is “Alex” tagged in a shot mixing Jim Bean and Cola.

share a coke
share a coke

The only thing I saw with the campaign which was a bit funny was linking up the Facebook page to the Google paid search element, Something we have tested a few times in the past and it is not the best method to use in my opinion.
I feel linking up the official site (example – and not the Facebook page would have been a smarter move, I wonder what the issues with quality score will be on this page?
Also making a micro site is not something I really like to see brands doing, the coke micro site links directly back to the Facebook page (

Marketing teams will say, hey why is it bad to link up to the micro site or Facebook campaign?

The answer is that if you want to build a huge number of links from the offline campaign to assist a long term SEO effort on the website. When the campaign is over you will see reep the benefits from all the links which are pointing to the website. Why build all these links to a different channel such as the Facebook page! You can easily build all the social elements out on the dedicated sub folder page.

But in the end of the day I feel the whole campaign is targeting a Facebook share element, so SEO would probably be an after thought.


Overall this seems to be a great campaign, linking up traditional offline methods such as product branding and then emphasizing a share element on social media sites with friends.

Please post your comments on the campaign below:

7 Replies to “The Share a Coca Cola Australia campaign a fantastic Viral campaign!”

  1. Hey James, I followed your link from SEOMOZ blog; wow this is a brilliant campaign. You should collect a bottle/can named “James” on it.

    Again linking the web address is better than linking to facebook, afterall it’s someone else’s property. I see those billboard and TV ads that link to facebook, instead of their web.

    PS James: I kinda make my browser window smaller in my laptop, like 1024 pixels, so when I arrived at your page, the social share button to the left was above the post. You better fix this man!

  2. Hi Tamal,

    Thanks for the comment, yeah I noticed some issues with that share button currently looking into it.

    Yes I agree links should be to sub folders on websites and not to Facebook as the company does not own the channel, and can not build equity from it over time.


    James Norquay.


    The marketing guys that run campaigns for Fortune 500 guys think that Facebook is their brand property, that’s why they use the url in expensive TV ads and billboards. Either they are wrong or we are.

    James, happy to connect with you, do send me a tweet or email when you find time and maybe we could join for a virtual drink.

  4. Hi James, this campaign reminds me of the recent 7/11 campaign where people could go in with any kind of container and suck the slurpee machines dry. People were using saucepans, eskies, vases, even a boot! The idea was then to post photos on Facebook. Huge success!

    Still haven’t seen a ‘Gina’ Coke bottle but at $3 for a 600ml bottle here in Australia, and since it’s not available on Coke Zero bottles … I probably won’t bother lol. I do love a bit of marketing madness though 🙂

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