The Huge Problem with Facebook Like Buttons

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Well over the last few weeks users on Facebook will have been seeing some interesting changes. Facebook recently changes the way liked content looks on Facebook so now you have a meta description and a image on your Facebook content and you also get a nice little image which is automatically taken from your websites page.

These changes are great for any one who does ethical marketing via Facebook, the problem is Spammers have decided to also embrace these new changes to spam Facebook.

The way they do this is by using Layering to overlap the Like button, so every time a user clicks play on a Video which is usually taken from a Youtube page, this is then automatically liked back to the Facebook page of the user. This in turn instantly creates a chain effect with various users all linking up the content over and over instantly it can bring you 100,000+ visitors to your domain in a day via a chain effect.

Here are some examples of this spam in action on a users page from the Facebook wall – (website for spammer removed)

Facebook Problem layering likes

Facebook Problem layering likes

This is the view from the spammers website – (website for spammer removed)

Facebook problem likes

Facebook problem likes

Then when you click play on these websites it links automatically back to your Facebook – (website for spammer removed)

facebook problem likes

facebook problem likes

Here is the coding that these spammers are using to do this via the source code (I edited a bit out) –

layering CSS

layering CSS

Why am I even blogging about this?

I know posting this post will piss people off (spammers mostly), but really read any where on the way this stuff is all over forums, the reason been if you want to do ethical marketing via Facebook they are just going to change the liked content back to the old method which drops the CTR.

I can seven see liked content in the future been banned from the Wall, which will totally suck because so many spammers use .

It is not hard to find this been used on Facebook over the last few weeks I have seen it every day on my personal account.

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