The Exact Match Domain debate for SEO

What is a exact match domain or a (EMD)? This is a Question commonly asked question by many in the online marketing field.

Well a Exact match domain is the exact version of the keyword you are going to target within the domain name itself. This has been a great little SEO benefit for many years if you buy the exact match of a keyword it can assist the SEO for your website.

For example look at “Exact Match Domain” these guys have the domain name –

exact match domain SEO
exact match domain SEO

The same can work for any industry for example for “Cars” for “Real Estate”.

The other benefit is that you can get type in traffic for generic keywords I think something like 2% of users bypass search engines and go direct to the URL and type it in.

The only problem is alot of people who have either not got the exact match domain for their industry or do not want to pay big money are not complaining it is unfair and have been quite loud to Google and search engines this in turn will see the power of Exact Match domains drop over years for sure which is not a good decision in my mind as many people will be left out for example * Affiliates * Domainers * SEO’s and pretty much any one who owns a exact match domain will be hit hard.

What are your thoughts on exact match domain’s please let me know?

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