So who owns what percentage of Facebook?

Ok So as many of you know Forbes rich list was released in the USA yesterday,

As many people know Zuckerbery was said to be worth 6.9 Billion, Also some lesser known
Facebook founders have also made the “rich list” with net worths of 1 Billion+, these unknown guys
own decent percentages of Facebook and I thought I would break down some ESTIMATES on who owns what!

So I thought who owns what percentage of the company and I have located some
“Very rough” figures of company owner ship numbers –

Here are some details on who owns what

Mark Zuckerberg 24% stake.
Accel Partners 10% stake.
Dustin Moskovitz 6% Stake.
Digital Sky Technologies 5% stake.
Eduardo Saverin 5% stake.
Sean Parker 4% stake.
Peter Thiel 3% stake.
Greylock Partners 2% stake.
Meritech Capital Partners 2% stake.
Microsoft 1.3% stake.
Li Ka-shing 0.75% stake.
Interpublic Group 0.5% stake.
Matt Cohler 1% stake.
Jeff Rothschild 1% stake.
Chris Hughes 1% stake.
Owen Van Natta 1% stake.
Reid Hoffman a 1.25% stake.
Mark Pincus 1.25% stake.
Employees and outside investors 30% stake.

Please note this data is sourced form Wikipedia and my own research, these figures are only a guide and are not accurate.

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