SEO Charity Auction comes to an end, with $60 AU donated to charity.

So 6 days ago I decided to run a bit of a charity auction to raise some money for kids with cancer, I decided to go with Camp Quality as it supports both parents of kids with cancer and also kids with cancer.

I threw in a few SEO goodies which I had picked up recently to help aid the good cause.

The Auction started here:

People started tweeting and talking about the auction on various channels as below –

Charity-Auction Twitter
Charity-Auction Twitter

When the auction came to an end we saw Dejan SEO take out the bidding.


Overall the Auction was a good success, we were able to Raise a totall of $60 = $46 of that been the Auction winnings from Dejan SEO and I had a cash donation of $10 from a mate of mine Beaudon Also I chipped in another $4 to make it $60 in total =).

(below is proof of the donation, from a web screen shot, I cut out 2 sections some personal info)


So overall a great result, was hoping to get a bit more but in the end of the day I am happy with the amount, I am sure it will help Camp Quality in some way.

If you want to make a personal donation to Camp quality here is the link:

Keep a look out for another charity auction in a few months.


James Norquay.

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