Queensland Floods Time to help SEO + Social Meida world!

The Queensland floods are a very sad thing, for any one who has family or friends in the region we know how devastating the loss of lives and property has been.

Two friends from the Australian domain world asked me to help set up a Facebook page to aid their appeal.

What we are doing to raise some money for this cause is the following:

1. The CEO of Pacific Octane “James Wester” (2nd biggest domain holder after OMG) will dress as DORA the Explorer for a day when 5k is raised.

2. The Business Development Manager for Deep Blue Sea (Fabulous.com) “Mike Robertson” will not shave for a whole month of January in Aid of this Cause.

Currently over $2,100+ has been raised for this cause, please like the Facebook page below –

View the Facebook page for more information and donation link.

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