The power of Exact Match domains for SEO!

Ok so alot of talk over the last few weeks in the SEO world has been around the power of exact match domain names and how Google favours them in serp’s results. It is very common knowledge that if you have a exact match .com such as and you want to rank on page 1 for Google it can be done quite quickly using an exact match domain, some decent unique content, a few pages design and also some local links, this is the key reason many people pay such large amtounf of money for exact match domains becuase they 1. know the domain will acquire around 5% direct type in traffic and 2. have the exact match SEO benefit. Yet alot of SEO’s are buzzing aroudn the traps saying that it is unfair that these domian are so powerful in the engines and their power should be dropped. I have seen this trend already taking place int he US serps results for exact match properties I own personally. I think over time the Australian Google will take a similar approach to exact match domains the only question is how long will it take?

For more reading on this subject check out the following post from SEO MOZ –


Saw this very good use of social media to promote the new SAW 3D movie, they set up a fake photo booth and see the result below –

Google Images + Instant = Not so family Friendly

Google instant has taken search engines by storm, yet Google has forgotten to update its “Family” friendly attitude to its image search algo, with several less then family friendly search terms showing within Google image suggestion boxes –

Typing A-Z in Google Image search we see the following problems –

Keyword G –

girls with out dress
girls breast feeding each other
girls in bathrooms

Keyword K –

Kim Kardashian no clothes
Katrina kaif in no bra
katrina kaif in no dress

Keyword H –

Hot girls wallpapers without bra
hot girls wallpaper

Keyword M –

Miley cyrus no clothes
Miley cyrus naughty
Megan fox no clothes

Keyword V –

Vanessa hudgens no clothes

Keyword Z –

Zac efron nasty pictures

Google non family friendly

Bing introducing Facebook Like data in Search

A very interesting movement last week with Bing introducing Facebook Like data in Search algorithm, what this means now is that if you like a piece of content or a page on Facebook, now when your friends or inner community on Facebook use Bing they will see a section for this “liked” content, this just shows the move towards the “social search” or “semantic search” web.

I can see search engines using more of this type of data in the future, I think it only emphasizes the fact that clients use social graph API sharing more.

This is also a strong area of growth for companies who have spent the last few years building up their Facebook presence with a strong emphasis on building quality likes to pages.

Top Buzz websites for brands in Australia

Ever wondered what was the most buzziest channel for people mentioning your brand name online, well a recent study by the Digital Brand Index in australia has shown that Twitter is the number one most buzziest channel followed by whirlpool forums and then Over Clockers forums. these channels provide a huge number of brand mentions, it is highly important to be on top of what people are saying about your brands on these forums as they are a key element to social media.

buzziest channels in australia

Facebook Places is the TOP dog in Location apps


Well it has only taken around 1 month and now Facebook Places is officially the largest location based application on the market,
It has taken the top spot from other location based services such as Gowola and Foursquare in little to no time.
It was obvious Facebook as going to be able to achieve such results with the huge user base they have on hand.

Also on the subject of Facebook, Facebook has made Chat upgrades and Upgrades to Facebook Groups
In a bid to give users more tools and control over the sharing of information (and perhaps preempt Google) Facebook introduced a new
way to create and communicate with small private groups of people. Through an API this same functionality will be extended to publishers and third
party developers like Facebook Connect is today.

Bing now confirms CTR is a organic ranking Factor.

google vs bing
google vs bing

Bing has confirmed that CTR is now a factor in its Ranking algorithm, Bing has confirmed this at the SMX east. This has been confirmed by Steve Tullis a senior manager at Bing. Google has stated that CTR is not a important factor in their ranking algorithm.

Another interesting development is that Firefox is now set its standard search provider to be Bing, this is a great move for Bing as many hundred million people use Fire Fox on a daily basis. This is why Google has moved its emphasis towards chrome.

These new changes to the primary search provider for Mozilla 4 will be on both the Mac and PC versions of the software so it is a huge win for Bing.

Facebook Places Rolled out in Australia

Facebook Places Rolled out in Australia.

Well today Facebook has launched new Facebook places Australia at 10am EST, business listings are also released on Facebook Places, this is a very cool add on for Facebook it means you can now add a business location using a similar format to Google Local Places and foursquare.

I find this very interesting for Australian users because we have something like 9.6 million active users and something like 1/4 is a mobile user, basically this means around 2.15 million are using Facebook places. How many users will be using Facebook places
around the CBD. I think this has huge potential more in fact then Google Maps.

Another interesting point is you can merge Facebook places and Facebook Pages listings.

Here are some images from Facebook places in Australia in action –

Facebook places Australia
Facebook places Australia
Facebook places Australia
Facebook places Australia
Facebook places Australia
Facebook places Australia

Twitter down yet no FAIL Whale

Well its seems Twitter is down yet again, instead of the fail whale we now see a new image –

Twitter fail
Twitter fail

Posts I made on SEO MOZ blog & Facebook

So as any one in the SEO business knows SEO MOZ is one of the biggest sites out their for SEO news and a few days ago I had some of my content posted up on their Blog and Facebook. I hope to get more great SEO and Content out to the world soon I have soo much information to share, but remember this blog is where the posts come first. Thank you for all the comments and emails so far =)

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SEOMoz James Norquay

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SEOMoz James Norquay two