Kogan expands into the UK market but neglects SEO!

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Kogan expands into the UK market but neglecting SEO!! I have noticed alot of hype around Kogan moving into the UK market, yet the crazy thing is I do not think they have looked at the SEO value for their new UK website. Here are some key reasons why – They seemed to have copy […]

New Google Previews not so good for Paid ads on the right.

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I posted about this new change to Google a few weeks ago, For anyone who has not seen Google has rolled out this feature in most markets, this one will probably have a big impact for websites which are 1. Slow to load 2. Heavy on advertising above the fold. One thing I think is […]

Massive Problem with Google Local Search & Places Reviews

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Over the last week I have been conducing some heavy research into Google Places after the big changes recently and I have noticed a huge problem with the review data. Any one who optimizes for Google local will know that Review data is an important factor, especially for the high level keywords which can drive […]

Helm Bar Website Hacked

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Well a colleague at work has spotted another huge SEO hack from a popular bar/website in Australia, Helm bar website has been hacked and a less then impressive meta description is showing. With around 700 searches a month for the brand terms this is not good at all. check out the images below –

Adding a cheeky Meta Description image or slogan

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Here is something interesting more and more people are using in search results, basically what they do is use a set of text characters or a slogan to drive CTR and awareness to their Google listing using the meta description tag – This is a very interesting tactic and I am sure the two examples […]

Google Maps Change for Organic Listings

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Google has made some interesting changes to their maps listings, this will see the map listing moved to the right and organic listings moved to the center. This removes the old 10 pack listings which were used previously. This change is an interesting one and I am sure it will have an impact for websites […]

Google Test – Organic Listing Preview

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Here is something Google has been testing for the last few weeks, a preview for all Google organic listings. If this change takes place it will have a huge effect on CTR levels for websites with a poor design, so now more then ever design is a important SEO aspect, it will lift the quality […]

New Myspace Layout rolls out today!

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Myspace has released a new layout today which will see the website fight back against strong competition from market leaders such as Facebook and Twitter, which have been dominating the market for the last 2 years. Myspace once has dominance and pretty much owned the social media space before the new players came into the […]

The power of Exact Match domains for SEO!

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Ok so alot of talk over the last few weeks in the SEO world has been around the power of exact match domain names and how Google favours them in serp’s results. It is very common knowledge that if you have a exact match .com such as CarLoans.com.au and you want to rank on page […]


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Saw this very good use of social media to promote the new SAW 3D movie, they set up a fake photo booth and see the result below –

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