SEO Video – News from June 2011

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So we are working on a new project at work SEO Brain where we will be placing new content which is SEO based on a weekly basis, I feature in the first SEO video here: Please comment about the video below:

Companies need to monitor their Google Places Review content!

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So I have noticed something very interesting on Google places from a friend at work, this is an example of how one Google places review can damage a business example: Has any one else seem a similar example of a Google Review gone wrong?

Moving up the member list on SEO moz Top 80 SEO’s worldwide!

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So I have been quite active on SEOmoz recently, making a fair few posts and getting involved in many posts and discussions about SEO. I noticed I just hit over 500 moz points, and have come in line with the link building master Eric Enge (as seen below) What do Moz Points mean you may ...

New 6 ad site links on Google PPC

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So Google seems to be testing a new 6 ad site links on ad units on PPC listings as seen below : What are your thoughts on this new Google change for PPC please post below:

Social Influence on Serps

So I think any one who has been working in SEO over the last few years has been hearing and reading a lot of chit chat about the influence of social on search! I know because I have been one of the guys writing a lot of social/seo related content and my job is a ...

Putting a @Follow us tag in a website Title Tag for a Huge Website?

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So a huge website in the US has taken an interesting move which I have not seen many websites do online. This website ranks first for terms like “Hip Hop” so I imagine the traffic would be good and the Alexa is quite high. The title tag they are using is as follows – ...

Viral Image of Couple Kissing a Fake, yet many news outlets publish the picture.

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OK so over the last 24 hours we have seen some big riots in Vancouver, one stand out image which has gone viral over this period is a picture of a couple kissing. The funny thing is that this was all set up, I noticed on Tumblr that some one had shown how it was ...

New Google Image Search Not That Great!

Google released the new Google Image search function yesterday, really cool function, yet a similar product to Tiny Eye. I decided to do a few tests with my own images to see the result (here is what Google Image Search) pulled – The funny thing is that in image one I do not look like ...

Search by Image & Voice Search for Desktop users on Google now LIVE

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Two new interesting products released by Google today in the USA for Desktop users, these include the following – Search by Image (Desktop) – Drag and drop images into Google Image search to find their location online, also you can add on the chrome plug in to do it. Voice Search (Desktop) – Search with ...

eHarmony Cat Girl Video a Viral video for eHarmony!

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ok so over the last week a popular video online has been the cat girl who talks about having an account on eHarmony, basically she starts crying because she loves cats so much. The video has gone viral and has around 6 million views – Now the thing is today I notice eHarmony employees/management have ...

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