Twitter SEO Value drops as Google search deal ends!

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News today on the SEO front is that Twitter and Google’s search deal which started in October 2009 has ended, this has now resulted in Real Time data from Twitter been removed from Google. Yet the most evident change is the impact on Tweets from authority sources and ranking for SEO terms. I have noticed […]

Linkedin currently down 1st July 2011

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any one notice something is going on with Linkedin today, I see an error screen –

A look inside Google+ Social Network.

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So over the last 24 hours I have been testing Google+ Social Network quite heavily, I decided to show some images of some cool functions Google+ has I will show a few snap shots of a few of these features: First image is the main page, this is where you post status updates to various […]

Testing Google+1 also if you want an invite please reply to this post

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So a contact in the US market gave me Google+ invite today, It is an interesting new product. A quick screen shot from Google+ If you want an invite please reply to this post with your email. Kind Regards, James.

Google+ Project – Googles New Social Network

So Google has released news on its highly waited on Google+ Project, this new project will be very interesting to any social media marketer. You can sign up on the waiting list here: It is easy to see that this will leverage off youtube, it will use Google +1 to connect up to your […]

SEO Video – News from June 2011

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So we are working on a new project at work SEO Brain where we will be placing new content which is SEO based on a weekly basis, I feature in the first SEO video here: Please comment about the video below:

Companies need to monitor their Google Places Review content!

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So I have noticed something very interesting on Google places from a friend at work, this is an example of how one Google places review can damage a business example: Has any one else seem a similar example of a Google Review gone wrong?

Moving up the member list on SEO moz Top 80 SEO’s worldwide!

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So I have been quite active on SEOmoz recently, making a fair few posts and getting involved in many posts and discussions about SEO. I noticed I just hit over 500 moz points, and have come in line with the link building master Eric Enge (as seen below) What do Moz Points mean you may […]

New 6 ad site links on Google PPC

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So Google seems to be testing a new 6 ad site links on ad units on PPC listings as seen below : What are your thoughts on this new Google change for PPC please post below:

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