Google+ Project – Googles New Social Network

So Google has released news on its highly waited on Google+ Project, this new project will be very interesting to any social media marketer.

You can sign up on the waiting list here:

It is easy to see that this will leverage off youtube, it will use Google +1 to connect up to your contacts, it will leverage Gmail and many other networks to all link upto this new project.

It is still funny to go around on the internet and see Australian SEO’s saying at +1 buttons are a fad and for clients not to use them, I disagree 100% I feel that +1 is big, and if you do not embrace it you will miss the boat.

It is not like Google Wave, that was a bit of a nightmare and it seemed rushed, this new project seems to have alot more thought involved.

Some images of the new Google+ Project below:

google+ project social network
google+ project social network

SEO Video – News from June 2011

So we are working on a new project at work SEO Brain where we will be placing new content which is SEO based on a weekly basis, I feature in the first SEO video here:

Please comment about the video below:

Companies need to monitor their Google Places Review content!

So I have noticed something very interesting on Google places from a friend at work, this is an example of how one Google places review can damage a business example:

bad Google review
bad Google review

Has any one else seem a similar example of a Google Review gone wrong?

Moving up the member list on SEO moz Top 80 SEO’s worldwide!

So I have been quite active on SEOmoz recently, making a fair few posts and getting involved in many posts and discussions about SEO.

I noticed I just hit over 500 moz points, and have come in line with the link building master Eric Enge (as seen below)

seomoz user rank
seomoz user rank

What do Moz Points mean you may ask? well moz points are the SEO moz ranking metric to show users rank for how helpful you are on the SEOmoz community and also to show how active you are.

I have been on SEO moz for a while I have a business account and my personal account “connections8”. My advice to any one who wants to learn SEO is to get onto SEO moz search around for old posts and get active, these guys have some great SEO content.

New 6 ad site links on Google PPC

So Google seems to be testing a new 6 ad site links on ad units on PPC listings as seen below :

Google Adwords 6 site links
Google Adwords 6 site links

What are your thoughts on this new Google change for PPC please post below:

Social Influence on Serps

So I think any one who has been working in SEO over the last few years has been hearing and reading a lot of chit chat about the influence of social on search! I know because I have been one of the guys writing a lot of social/seo related content and my job is a Senior SEO and Social Media Specialist.

But I think before every one gets ahead of themselves here we need to remember what is the general public doing and seeing in these search results? I find it kind of funny when SEO moz or the likes do some analysis on their internal SERP from the network they connect with. I mean the results are going to be highly skewed to your own friends content correct (because these are the guys who are highly social savvy) I do not think it is the best guide to take at all.

You really need to shut off all personalization by viewing content in SERPS’s via Ad Preview from Google or by adding &pws=0 to search results, when conducting these tests.

A lot of guys will also ask what can I do to assist social search? Well here is some basic advice –

* Work out which platforms work best for your target market? I mean you are not going to fill up buttons on a insurance brands website now are you? But a tech website you may do it.

* You really need to get across all Q&A websites like Quora and the likes as these sites work well.

* You really need to research what social buttons work and which social buttons do not work niche by niche? I mean do In shares work, do FB shares work, do +1’s work?

* Test cool social tools to aid your Social SEO example LIKEPLUS1 –


You need to research,research,research and then keep testing non stop.

I am running many social SEO tests recently and will share bits and pieces as I gather results.

Putting a @Follow us tag in a website Title Tag for a Huge Website?

So a huge website in the US has taken an interesting move which I have not seen many websites do online.

This website ranks first for terms like “Hip Hop” so I imagine the traffic would be good and the Alexa is quite high.

The title tag they are using is as follows – Follow Us! @AllHipHopcom, view the image below:

All Hip Hop
All Hip Hop

Any one seen something similar to this, if so please share the example here!

Viral Image of Couple Kissing a Fake, yet many news outlets publish the picture.

OK so over the last 24 hours we have seen some big riots in Vancouver, one stand out image which has gone viral over this period is a picture of a couple kissing. The funny thing is that this was all set up, I noticed on Tumblr that some one had shown how it was all a big set up as seen here

proof it is a fake
proof it is a fake

Yet NineMSN is promoting the story here

nine news fake
nine news fake

New Google Image Search Not That Great!

Google released the new Google Image search function yesterday, really cool function, yet a similar product to Tiny Eye.

I decided to do a few tests with my own images to see the result (here is what Google Image Search) pulled –


The funny thing is that in image one I do not look like a old man or a bit guy with tattoos.

The funny thing with image two is that I do not look like a blonde girl?

Any one else tested this tool what do you think? I think it is good for Logo search but for images of people a bit of work is still needed.