Na Pohybel Janas Search Mystery?

When I was sent an article about Na Pohybel Janas, I found it interesting. It is crazy to see such an obscure search keyword out perform other highly searched keywords and become one of the top trending topics in Australia.

After doing some research into this term, I found that over 2000 different websites had reported the story in titles, so every body wants to crack the mystery that is “Na Pohybel Janas” crazy isnt it!!

Looking at in title data here for the keyword “Na Pohybel Janas”

intitle na pohybel
intitle na pohybel

Looking at links for the keyword one suspicious blog was linking to this keyword before it went crazy on trends, apparently a band by the same name?? Possibly some viral marketing, yet the band is soo small so it would not make sense, yet the blog is spam heavy –

inlink na pohybel
inlink na pohybel
na Pohybel Janas
na Pohybel Janas

The crazy thing is this keyword is getting more traffic then the keyword “Twitter” in Australia at one stage.


Also some users were claiming that the word Na Pohybel Janas mean “It’s Beautiful Life” in polish!!!

Na = It’s a

Pohybel = Beautiful

Janas = Life

Yet after chatting to a polish person they said – It’s Beautiful Life translates into:

Ona Jest piękna małżonka

I think the overall problem is probably due to infected computers and malware as stated by SMH! Yet it is a very interesting area?

What do you think is causing this search mystery?

2 Replies to “Na Pohybel Janas Search Mystery?”

  1. Also some users were claiming that the word Na Pohybel Janas mean “It’s Beautiful Life” in polish!!!

    Certainly not 🙂

    “Na pohybel” came from Ukraininan to Polish in XVI-XVII century and meant “Hang him/her”. Today it can be translated as “f**k someone” or “the hell with someone”.

    It means that “Na pohybel Janas” can be roughly translated as “F**k the Janas”.

    But it’s not the end of the story. Few years ago Paweł Janas was coach of Polish national soccer team. He was not the best in his job so it could be kind of revenge from soccer fans. Could be but probably isn’t — in Polish proper phrase should be “Na pohybel Janasowi” due to Polish grammar rules.


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