Making Viral Videos using Auto Tune

Well it seems one of the hottest web trends at the moment is to make a auto tune remix of a viral video.

Two recent examples of companies and bands who have jumped on the band wagon are the bed intruder auto tune remix and
the “Dude don’t burn the Koran” video which both went viral. the Bed Intruder track had a much larger impact online gather around 25 million views and was a top 100 hit on the American charts. the Dude Koran video did

Auto Tune Remix 1

Auto tune remix 2

As you can see in the second example they are using some good link baiting ideas with a link in the description of the video and also a watermark link.

I would advise on the following for viral videos been uploaded to Video websites –

1. Link in the description.
2. Link in the video title if possible.
3. Tags on the video for relevant terms.
4. Adding a water mark to the video.
5. Adding as much content as possible to the video discretion.
6. Adding add on’s to the video i.e. little tabs which pop up at specific times to drive users to destinations.

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