Jamesnorquay.com On the first page of Slashdot.org (top 1k Alexa Site)

So the other day I noticed that my analytic’s had gone crazy I was recieving 1000’s of visitors from Slashdot.org, a website which I am not on too much only from a bookmarking sense and some times for reading search content. Some one else had picked up my content from my blog and used it as a article on page one.


This is not the first time I have hit page one of a huge social website, back in 2006, one of my high “blogspot” domains was on the first page of DIGG, the traffic on Digg back in those days was crazy post here – http://jamesnorquay.com/getting-to-page-one-digg-with-a-blogspot-domain-i-miss-2006/

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